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The SunSpot 36-4587 LED Taxi Light is easy to use and install. The SunSpot consumes half the power compared to legacy halogen lights. If you have a PAR 36 ring mount, the SunSpot 36 series fits your aircraft! This light is FAA, STC, and PMA certified. This is a potent light source at 11,000 lumens and 50,000 candela!


Approval Basis:

FAA-PMA Approved
Supplemental Type Certificate No(s) SA02386AK

EASA STC 10070175


Standard PAR36 Taxi Lights

Typical Lead Time:



Clear Lens


Power: 95 Watts
Voltage: 14/28VDC, 14/28VAC
Lumens: 11,000
Candella: 50,000
Weight: 11.5oz
Dimensions: 4.4" X 4.4" X 2.1"
Amperage @ 14V: 6.5A
Amperage @ 28V: 3.25A

AeroLED PAR36 Taxi Light - 4000 Series

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