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"Price is what you pay, value is what you get."

                                                -Warren Buffett



"I would strongly reccomend Chancellor Aviation to anyone purchasing a 300 or 400 Series Twin Cessna. Their knowledge of these aircraft is second to none, and their ability to manage both the due-diligence phase, and the business transaction element of the process is incredibly valuable. With their involvement, you know you're getting the best airplane, and the best value.

                                                                                          -Robert Scariano

                                                                                           Cessna 414AW Owner-Pilot, A&P

                                                                                           President - SKY X Maintenance

There's nothing worse than writing a check for a prebuy inspection on an airplane you don't end up buying.


Since its inception, Chancellor Aviation's Twin Cessna acquisition service has set the standard in bringing a structured, formalized approach to managing an aircraft purchase. It consists of a meticulous and detailed process typically only found in large jet acquisitions, and is geared toward the most discerning buyers.

With our new Twin Cessna preliminary evaluation program, buyers have access to the first steps of our acquisition process for a simple, fixed price.

The greatest single fixed cost during your acquisition will almost always be the pre-purchase inspection. In fact, many of our clients call us after having sent multiple aircraft to prebuy, only to have rejected each candidate airplane for one reason or another. With typical prebuy inspections costs between $3000 and $4000 dollars, multiple failed inspections can add a significant cost to the process. When you apply our preliminary evaluation program to your acquisition process, you can send a candidate airplane to prebuy with the highest degree of confidence that there won't be any surprises or deal-breakers.

Our track record speaks for itself. Over 90% of the aircraft we've recommended our clients send to prebuy have satisfied the inspection requirements and proceeded to purchase and closing.


Our preliminary evaluation program consists of a simple, three-step process:

1. Thorough evaluation of the aircraft's specifications and details, as represented by the listing agent/owner

2. Complete review of airframe, engine, and propeller records to ensure records are complete, and evaluate overall pedigree and continuity. Further review to identify potential damage history, chronic maintenance issues, known Twin Cessna issues, and obscure documentation suggestive of damage concealment.

3. Verification of government records to ensure there aren't any major repairs reported to the FAA that have been removed from the aircraft's logbooks.

Don't waste thousands of dollars on pre-purchase inspections that are destined to fail. Let us have a look first. You'll be glad you did.

After our evaluation, we present the results of our process, as well as our recommendations on how to proceed. For clients that choose to hire Chancellor Aviation to manage their complete acquisition process, the price of your preliminary evaluation will be credited against the remaining records review process.

Twin Cessna
Preliminary Evaluation

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