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"...The world is not waiting for us. We are going to meet the world and come out as winners."

                                                -Ozires Silva

                                                                                         Founder, Embraer

It's no surprise that Embraer's line of executive jets are on top of the world. A superb combination of efficiency, robust construction, predictable maintenance, and simplistic systems have catapulted the Embraer product line to the very top of the market. Whether you're an owner-pilot looking for the ultimate in personal and business transportation, or a large corporation wanting to add a large-cabin jet to your flight department, Embraer Executive Jets has an airframe to meet your needs.

The decision to acquire an Embraer Executive Jet is certainly an exciting one, but it's quickly followed by a number of possible pathways and choices to make ownership a reality. Both new and pre-owned offerings are strong, and each brings with it a unique set of challenges. Chancellor Aviation specializes in representing the interests of our clients, and guiding the acquisition process from start to finish, regardless of which path is right for you.


Pursuing a pre-owned Embraer requires a careful market analysis and aircraft selection procedure, a thorough and deliberate due-diligence process, and a structured plan of action to move to closing. Without a thorough understanding of both the product and the market, and sufficient experience, a pre-owned acquisition can be an exceptionally difficult task. The risks of navigating these waters without an experienced buyer representative, like Chancellor Aviation, are significant.

Surprisingly, a factory-new purchase and delivery can be even more complex than a pre-owned acquisition. The process often takes 6-12 months, and requires regular input and cooperation from both Embraer, and the buyer. Your airplane's ability to perform it's intended mission can be greatly impacted by decisions that are made months before the airplane ever makes it to the delivery hangar. The ability to foresee these potential conflicts or issues is a huge part of the value that Chancellor Aviation brings to the table during the configuration phase of a new purchase. Once delivery day arrives, Chancellor Aviation's team of Embraer specialists ensure that your new airplane is absolutely perfect, both mechanically and cosmetically, before it leaves the factory, and before the deal closes. In fact, we often work with former Embraer delivery specialists to evaluate the airplane from an inside perspective. Despite the fact that the airplane is brand new, it typically takes four to five full days to get the airplane just right before it's time to bring it home, and squawk sheets in excess of 50 items are not unusual. 

With Chancellor Aviation on your team, your Embraer Executive Jet acquisition will be a simple, straightforward, and predictable process with no ugly surprises. Our clients fly home having paid the best price on the cleanest airplane, each and every time. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your acquisition.



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